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MT4 Trend Indicator – Custom Indicators for MetaTrader 4 platform

Posted at February 13th, 2019

MT4 Trend Indicator - Custom Indicators for MetaTrader 4 platformClick Image To Visit SiteSurely you’re familiar with this expression – ‘The trend is your friend, follow it’. The actual source of who said that is unknown but the statement remains to be the Holy Grail of the most successful traders.

The biggest profits in Forex can be made by following the bigger trends. TrendViper, a non-repainting trend indicator is specifically designed to help you recognize and follow trends based on Moving Average Crossovers and the Average Directional Index.

TrendViper has been designed from the ground up with novice traders in mind but the trend indicator also tailors to experienced traders.

The Smart Display window positioned on the right corner in your trading chart shows dynamic price information by tick and it lets you have a quick insight into upper time frames without the need for tracking the price action in multiple windows.

This video is almost 3 minutes long and shows 45 minutes of real time trading. It was recorded on EURUSD M1 chart for illustration purposes. Trading H1, H4, D1 is recommended.

The MT4 Trend Indicator will help you to see trends formed by moving averages and their crossovers. It provides an uncluttered overview. Using ten indicators at once is often confusing and counter-productive.

The main job of the TrendViper is to smooth out the price action and eliminate market noise to form a clearer picture of existing trend.

Following trends is where the big money is in Forex but trading them is a real challenge for most traders.

This is where the MT4 trend indicator will come in handy. With its additional display and filters, customization options, and free trading signals, TrendViper can be the only indicator you’ll need.

The Smart Display will also give you immediate insights into current trends and candle direction on upper time frames… Read more…

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