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Million Dollar Transportation

Posted at February 13th, 2019

Million Dollar TransportationClick Image To Visit SiteOften referred to as the "Bible of the Industry," in this best-selling 324 page ebook you’ll discover licensing and registration requirements, detailed systems, processes and procedures, proven strategies and tactics for branding and building your NEMT business for long-term growth and prosperity. There is no other resource like this on the market – Guaranteed!

Welcome to the non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) industry, an industry that’s literally growing by the day. How do I know? Because the elderly population is literally in the process of doubling by the year 2030 and the medical transportation industry is one key support service growing in demand to meet the transportation needs of this booming niche market.

Hello, this is Joel Davis, author of the best-selling ebook "How to Build a Million Dollar Medical Transportation Company," and founder of the United Medical Transportation Providers Group. We are proud to have helped an untold number of entrepreneurs and client-providers across the country in building, growing, and expanding their NEMT and associated businesses.

Also known as ambulette transportation, NEMT is the transportation of people in wheelchairs, stretchers or those requiring ambulatory assistance. Do not be confused, this is NOT an ambulance service! This is strictly non-emergency medical transportation. You do NOT need any kind of special life-saving skills, training, or equipment.

With your medical transportation service, you will transport people to and from medical appointments, doctor visits, hospital discharges, in and out of nursing, rehab, and skilled care facilities, dialysis treatments, and more. But here is the absolute best part – your two niche markets, the medical industry and the elderly population, are exponentially booming!

Again, the elderly population is going to double by the year 2030 and the medical industry is only continuing to grow and transform with technological advances.

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